Name: Malena

Age: 15

Willing To: Save the planet, or at least help. Something meaningful and important. And try to make us people, save people.

Save culture. Let’s all be one. But we can only be one, if each of us is what he is. If we are disguised, we won’t fit into the puzzle

Save myself. From myself. Never allow myself to be worse than the best I can be.

Stuff I Do: Read a lot. I just don’t know how to explain it. I just relish on being able to imagine the characters, their voices, the way they stare, the way they cry. And following the storyline, and guessing what will happen next. And feeling with the characters, main or not.

Listen to music. Almost any kind of music does it for me. It heals me, it puts things in perspective, it makes me feel surrounded.

Write songs. For now it’s just songs. But hopefully, someday I’ll be able to write music that reaches out and touches people.


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