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Stuff In Between I (Life a.k.a Beautiful Mess)

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Well, now.


What is life really?

Life isn’t what we are. In my opinion, living is being, and so Life is everything that is. We are all Life. And Life is each and every single one of us.

I like to think of Life as an undone puzzle. There are thousands of hundreds of miscellaneous bits that make the whole. We are desperate to find the meaning of Life. We look for it in our own little tiny bit and maybe in some of the bits surrounding us. And that is fine, because it’s a start.

If each of us understands a little bit more about oneself, then it will be easier to understand the huge, wonderful puzzle that is Life as a whole. What we should never forget is that once we decode our bit, we still have to put it together with every other single bit to really KNOW what this is all about.


Hello world!

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Dear All,

My name is Malena and I’m fifteen (almost sixteen) years old. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina with my mom, dad, little sister and two cats.

Enough of that.

This blog is going to be about living in the world. About waking up everyday and realizing that this, everything, that surrounds us is Life, with a capital L. It happens often that we forget that we are humans living in this huge reality that runs mainly on consumerism, money and, lately, greed. It looks as if no one can get enough money. We always need more, and more, and more. This of course is very understandable because we use it to buy purely essential things, such us 12738714301387240 TVs, the latest version of Orange’s iCod, mobile phones, and thousands of other gadgets that we just wouldn’t be able to live without.

But is all this stuff REALLY necessary?

Shouldn’t we be paying just a little more attention to the world about us? And by the world about us I don’t mean knowing who won the last season of American Idiot, or Britain’s Next Top Toilet. I mean trying to see beyond our bubble. There are many different views on almost everything that happens in the world. But our regular correspondents offer us biased information on conveniently selected facts. And when we do find out things that out to anger us and make us want to do something about them, we generally find a way to detach ourselves and keep on living our lives as if nothing had happened.

That is what stuff in between is for. It’s for learning, reasoning and laying emphasis, no on buying and owning, but on knowing and acting on what we learn. Here’s my mantra, which you may borrow. I use it when I want to say something that’s on my mind but I’m afraid of how people will take it, even if I know what I want to say is what’s right.

“Think cloud, say cloud, DO CLOUD”

The idea is that if you reflect on stuff, then you should share your opinions with the world, so you, and maybe some other people, can DO something about it. It’s not only about forming your opinion and saying it and feeling good for saying something honest and right. It’s about taking part in this world that is somehow ours to use and transform.